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From now on, in all our multiplayer games you can win trophies! Every game has more than 30 special achievements that grant you more experience points, better ranking among other zoo members and Zoo points and Star subscriptions!

The trophies are bronze, silver, gold and platinum according to their difficulty. Start your collection now!

Christmas Wishes

Thumbnail : Christmas Wishes wishes everyone a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!

Together with  the people that you love!

Zoomumba on

Thumbnail : Zoomumba on

It was about time! The new game on is Zoomumba! You will find it in the Massive Multiplayer Games category.

Are you an animal lover? Have you the urge to breed rare and exotic animals and ...

Bomberman New multiplayer game!

Thumbnail : Bomberman New multiplayer game!

Bomberman is the new multiplayer game on! This is a fast paced game that is lots of fun for two players. The objective is simple, open the way towards your opponent by placing bombs and ...

Greek music quiz!

Thumbnail : Greek music quiz!

Music Quiz is the new game on! It has more than 1.200 video - questions and we are adding more constantly.

You will find it in the multiplayer games section. Challenge your friends and find out ...


Thumbnail : Spades

Spades is the new multiplayer game on! This is one of the most famous card games that is sure to catch your interest. Be sure to check out the help to get you started! The ...

Social Jukebox!

Thumbnail : Social Jukebox! brings to Greece the first ever Social Jukebox! You pick the music, you vote for it, you enjoy it! It is actually a Video-JukeBox since you can also see the video clips of the songs ...

New Tournaments

Thumbnail : New Tournaments

From today you can enjoy the new tournaments on! This service is in the multiplayer games menu and is available for all your favorite multiplayer games. The new tournaments are dynamic, they start at anytime ...

Wheel of Fortune

Thumbnail : Wheel of Fortune

A new multiplayer game that you can now enjoy on! Wheel of Fortune requires strategy, knowledge and luck! You will find this game in the multiplayer games section of the site. It runs in Beta ...

Photo Quiz

Thumbnail : Photo Quiz

Photo Quiz is the new game on! It consists of more than 2.500 questions and there are more added constantly. You will find it in the multiplayer game section of the site. Play now to ...

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