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About us

ZooBytes provides specialised software solutions by developing Rich Media Applications. We strongly believe that web sites are not just isolated information sources, but platforms delivering web applications to end users. Remaining faithful to open communications and decentralised information control, we have adopted innovative approaches to Web content creation and disposal, leveraging both new technologies and the users' collective intelligence.

ZooBytes specialises in the creation of social networks across a wide range of geographical and thematic areas placing emphasis on effective communication and a friendly and functional interface. Our primary concern is simplicity by deploying non-conflicting data technologies and models. We use the same application development platform to create original services and advanced communication tools enabling their parallel utilisation and optimal interface.

It is now a fact that constitutes the largest Web Meeting Point all over Greece. In addition to the pleasant, clean-cut environment, is the first Greek site that abandons the obsolete "request - response" communication model. The communication both among users and between users and the application is conducted in real time, while multiple applications can be simultaneously run in a familiar windows environment. In essence, does not consist of web pages, but constitutes an integrated web site!

In people are placed at the centre. Thus, the online communication with other users through zoo.grtransforms into a completely new experience.

Try it yourself!