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Connect with Facebook!

Form now on you have the ability to connect your account with your Facebook account! This service will inform you automatically which friends of yours are online so that you can play games together and have fun!

Joining the two accounts will help you to:

1. All of your friends on Facebook who have also connected the two accounts will automatically be shown on your friend list and this list will be updated every time you make new friends on Facebook!

2. All of your Facebook friends will be shown on the Live Bar with a special icon as well as their name!

3. As soon as you connect the two accounts you may login to by either your login or Facebook login. Facebook login is a service from Facebook itself (Facebook Connect) and your password is not revealed to us.

If you are a new user you can sign up to using two options! Either direct login on the website or by using the Facebook connect service!

Soon more services will be available.

Have fun!!!